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Psoriasis in Adolescents

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease in which your skin becomes red, itchy and scaly. This skin problem can affect people of any age (children, adolescents, and adults). When we talk about adolescent patients with psoriasis,  we must remember that these patients might be concerned about their looks. Adolescents with this condition may feel rejected and bad about their red, itchy and scaly skin. This can lower their self confidence and they might experience anxiety and depression. The treatment and symptoms of the diseases depend upon the age of the patient. Our dermatologists look at the different treatment options available and develop the best treatment plan for patients. 

What body parts does Psoriasis affect in adolescents?

Psoriasis can occur anywhere on the body. In case of teens it can occur on the below mentioned parts:

  • Face : The patches can be seen anywhere on your face such as on the cheeks, near eyes, forehead, or near your ears.
  • Scalp : The scalp is one of the most common affected areas where psoriasis can flare up. You might experience high levels of itching in your scalp.
  • Skin folds : Skin folds are other areas where psoriasis may flare up. Examples of these areas are the armpits, under the breasts, behind the knees, then inner part of the elbow, and groin.

Are you a teenager and suffering from Psoriasis?

Consult our expert dermatologist and we will help you treat your condition.